Therapy designed to relax and refresh the entire body. Our licensed therapist utilize trained techniques to ease muscle tension of the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, legs and feet.

Swedish Massage

Classic, systematic techniques to relieve tension and stress. An aid in soothing aching muscles and improves flexibility while creating a profound sense of relaxation.

Hot Stone Therapy

A massage similar to Swedish with the addition of Basalt heated stones that are placed on specific areas to warm the muscle tissue, increase blood flow and soften the tissue. The smooth heated stones gently glide over the skin to warm and soothe tired muscles.

Hot Towel Therapy

A Swedish massage with the addition of heated dry and wet towels to aid in warming the muscles and increasing blood flow. This addition of heat helps to relax the body in general for a more enhanced level of therapy.

Chair Massage

Back to Basics Massage Therapy, Inc. offers on site chair massage either at your location of business or ours.Several business that take advantage of this in our area are Holcim US, COACT, Owens Corning and Vassar & Associates, LLC. Most people are short on time during the day, but pain and stress are still getting the better of them. Allow us 10-15 minutes to ease your discomfort by working through your clothing, utilizing neuromuscular trigger point therapy to take the edge off. Although the majority of our patients come for hour or longer sessions, the chair massage therapy allows us to get started on helping people with muscular imbalance issues.

Deep Tissue

A type of massage which reaches structures far beneath the superficial fascia to attempt to relieve chronic muscle problems or injuries.


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