"I have been a client at Back to Basics since June of 2008 and continue with monthly visits I was skeptical at first that massage therapy could give me long lasting relief for my muscle aches and daily stress. Not too long after I began, my muscle aches subsided, I had more energy and my stress level had dropped significantly.

The relaxation and stress relief that I instantly receive during my monthly sessions has maintained my positive long-term results.

I have found that the professional and courteous staff at Back to Basics rates second to none. My therapist Leigh is very competent at her profession. She has always treated me with professionalism and courtesy, which has made every visit extremely enjoyable and beneficial.

Massage therapy has now become part of my life. Thank you Leigh and Back to Basics."

-Scott C.

"One day this summer I was at our local coffee shop complaining about all my aches and pains, when Kim came in and heard part of the conversation. She made me a proposition to let her try to improve my problems. She has not only improved, but has almost eliminated most, (not all, but MOST) of my pain.

She has made it possible for me to resume some of my old activities, and has made it easier to get going on a daily basis. If it was not for her, I still would be sitting around complaining about my aches and pains.

Thanks alot, Kim, for your care and willingness to help."

-Rodney Stroshine

"I started coming here because of sciatic pain. I no longer have the pain, but continue to come once a month for relaxation and any othr aches and pain I may have."

-Debby Iott

"Back to Basics has been the very best, all natural, pain reliever and stress buster, for me, that I have ever experienced!"

-Gail Church

"I really do feel better! Kim will work on any ache or pain and when you leave you just "feel good". Sometimes its just nice to get a massage. You feel so relaxed and our bodies need this!"

-Phyllis Zydorczyk

" I'm very happy with the service I have received. Kim ALWAYS tries to get me in when I'm in pain. She has given me great relief for headaches and tight muscles. I would recommend everyone to see Kim."

-Diana Hart

"I was in pain because of a herniated disc in my neck. After trying massage therapy at "another" business, I tried Back to Basics and was helped greatly through trigger-point therapy. I highly recommend Back to Basics!"

- Lee Powell

"You made a believer out of me- I call Kim now before I see a doctor for any new "aches and pains".

-Pat Cramer

"I have been going to Back to Basics for the past 9 years, mainly for stress and shoulder and back pain. In all instances Kim has been able to relieve the pain and stress. I would highly recommend Back to Basics and Kim Kristof for relief of your discomforts."

- Norm Kujawa